Royal Kings and Royal Queens- Adds Glamour to Any Occasion

We offer large and spacious Banqueting areas specially designed to make it a perfect venue for Business Conference, Wedding Banquets, Parties,Press conferences, Product launches, Lectures, general body meetings, birthday parties and any presentations. With the best facilities and amenities, it has one of the best meeting and Conference Halls in Madurai. Life is full of reasons to celebrate and these occasions are made more delightful when experiencing them in our luxury halls. We can help you to produce the business outcomes you require with style and precision.

The Halls in Hotel Annapoorna creates a breathtaking backdrop for special events and productive meetings. Royal Kings (125 pkx) - this style accommodates a larger number of people who require to be seated where rows of chairs placed one behind the other. Royal Queens (75pcx) accommodating from 4 to 75 delegates and supported by state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment. A business get-together or a press conference this style will never cease to give you and your guests an enjoyable time.

Our Hotel in the heart of the city is the absolute place to multitude any kind of Business Events. Regardless of the size and category of occasion you are forecasting we have the right facilities to satisfy your amenities in Madurai.

Royal Kings and Royal Queens has been well planned to compliment the elegance that already distinguishes the Annapoorna Hotel from all other business venues, A big proclamation, a new concept or a extraordinary event demands a equivalent spot. Let us help you to meet your requirements a little faster and in easier way with the requirements we have.