Prince A/C Multi-Cuisine Restaurant

Princes of all Restaurants in Madurai. Multi-Cuisine Restaurant cast its magic to create a unique dining experience, as guests savor the tantalizing taste of Maldives cuisine. No where in Madurai, you get such varieties of Maldives flavors. Only WE the Annapoorna serve you. Delicious Maldives recipes to treat your taste buds on Multi-Cuisines. You can easily reach our Restaurant at Madurai; it is located behind Arvind Eye hospital. Change in people’s mind and hearts, paving the way for a new generation of modern Indian restaurants. The luxury resorts offer Indian, Chinese, Maldives Cuisines.

Shooters Bar- Sip a Relaxing Drink With Us

A Bar to shoot out your tensions onto the sky and to enjoy your sip. The central theme of the bar is the creation of an over-scaled and highly faceted structure. For an unforgettable dining experience, the in-house specialty restaurant- cum bar offers you a delectable array of exotic experience. Feeling unrelaxed due to hectic work tensions? Come relax yourself with a drink with us.


Madurai is well loved for its array of indigenous food available. There are Chinese, Indian, and especially Emu Meat, Maldives food. One of the best things about being in Annapoorna is indeed the food. It is no secret that human eat and drink with a fervor

Emu Foods- It tastes good to the last crumb

Only one Hotel in Madurai, where varieties of favorite recopies is under one roof. More specific feature that distinguishes our hotel from all other Hotels in Madurai is - we serve Emu meat and Maldives dishes because we always care for your health. Health is more important for us. If we lose health then we lost everything.

Emu prefers a very nutritious diet and it is cholesterol free. Emu is good for our health. It helps us to build proteins and Iron in our body. Some will think that by eating Emu meat there is possibility of calories to step into our body. But the fact is that it has fewer calories. EMU meat is also recommended by American Heart Association as a heart - healthy alternative meat! It is red meat which is best for meat lovers who want to have lower cholesterol, fat and calories.

Maldives Food- Mood That Turns A Meal Into An Event

If you tender high quality Maldives food supplied in a best of surroundings – cheerful, relaxed, casual, or conventional – The Annapoorna always fits the bill. . Maldives food is spicy and includes fresh fish. This consists of wide variety of sea foods. Maldivian cuisine gives you a chance to taste the different scrummy dishes with bizarre flavors ranging from mild, spicy, hot to sweet. Maldives food is spicy and includes fresh fish.

Come and have a break in awful environment and taste a variety of dishes from our restaurant of your choice. I assure that you will certainly feel hungry by just reading about Maldives food.