New Year Buffet Menu

We always trust in rejoicing the real spirit of life.
A New Year is buffeting at our gate again and it’s already time to warm up for New Year celebrations! As the New Year sunup’s, may it bring for you assurance of new promise to deliver, new ambitions to reach and new prides to discover.

We wish you a very happy new year!! Let this year enlighten your dreams. With the clock hitting 12 o'clock on the 31st December; it’s time for us to welcome the new era 2012. This is not only the first day of 2012 but first day of a new era. We are entering into a new decade.

Let us gather together to welcome this new decade with smiles and happiness. Hotel Annapoorna invites you all to celebrate this New Year with lots of Zeal and Excitement. Remarkable New Year party is held at Annapoorna on 31st December night. The parties continue till then, till the anxiety of the New Year exists. Enjoy the first day of 2012 at Annapoorna in a peaceful aura over a grand brunch with the best assortment of wines. Elect from the best cuisine which includes Emu food, Maldives cuisine supplemented with dessert selection


Emu Clear Soup

Veg Clear Soup


Green Salad

Tossed Salad

Hawaiian Salad

Bread & Desserts

Chappathi & Parotta

Ice Cream

Gulab Jamoon

Carrot Halwa

Fruit Salad

Main Dishes

Emu Briyani

Chicken Briyani

Mutton Pepper Fry

Fish Fry

Veg Fried Rice

Gobi Manjurian (dry)

Mixed Veg Curry

Veg Spring Roll

Chilly Mushroom (Gravy)

Curd Rice


Single - Rs.350/-

Couple - Rs. 550/-

Below 12year - Rs.150/-